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MATLAB startup M-file for user-defined options


startup automatically executes the master M-file matlabrc.m and, if it exists, startup.m, when MATLAB starts. On multiuser or networked systems, matlabrc.m is reserved for use by the system manager. The file matlabrc.m invokes the file startup.m if it exists on the MATLAB search path.

You can create a startup.m file in your own MATLAB directory. The file can include physical constants, Handle Graphics defaults, engineering conversion factors, or anything else you want predefined in your workspace.

There are other way to predefine aspects of MATLAB. See Startup Options and Setting Preferences in the MATLAB documentation.


Only matlabrc.m is actually invoked by MATLAB at startup. However, matlabrc.m contains the statements

that invoke startup.m. You can extend this process to create additional startup M-files, if required.

See Also
matlabrc, matlabroot, quit

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