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Switch among several cases based on expression



The switch statement syntax is a means of conditionally executing code. In particular, switch executes one set of statements selected from an arbitrary number of alternatives. Each alternative is called a case, and consists of:

In its basic syntax, switch executes the statements associated with the first case where switch_expr == case_expr. When the case expression is a cell array (as in the second case above), the case_expr matches if any of the elements of the cell array match the switch expression. If no case expression matches the switch expression, then control passes to the otherwise case (if it exists). After the case is executed, program execution resumes with the statement after the end.

The switch_expr can be a scalar or a string. A scalar switch_expr matches a case_expr if switch_expr==case_expr. A string switch_expr matches a case_expr if strcmp(switch_expr,case_expr) returns 1 (true).


To execute a certain block of code based on what the string, method, is set to,

See Also

case, end, if, otherwise, while

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