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Execute a UNIX command and return result



unix command calls upon the UNIX operating system to execute the given command.

status = unix('command') returns completion status to the status variable.

[status, result] = unix('command') returns the standard output to the result variable, in addition to completion status.

[status,result] = unix('command','-echo') forces the output to the Command Window, even though it is also being assigned into a variable.


List all users that are currently logged in. It returns a zero (success) in s and a string containing the list of users in w.

The next example returns a nonzero value in s to indicate failure and returns an error message in w because why is not a UNIX command.

When including the -echo flag, MATLAB displays the results of the command in the Command Window as it executes as well as assigning the results to the return variable, w.

See Also

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