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Display version information for MATLAB, Simulink, and toolboxes

Graphical Interface

As an alternative to the ver function, select About from the Help menu in any product that has a Help menu.



ver displays a header containing the current version number, license number, operating system, and Java VM version for MATLAB, followed by the version numbers for Simulink, if installed, and all other MathWorks products installed.

ver product displays the MATLAB header information followed by the current version number for product. The name product corresponds to the directory name that holds the Contents.m file for that product. For example, Contents.m for the Control Systems Toolbox resides in the control directory. You therefore use ver control to obtain the version of this toolbox.

v = ver('product') returns the version information to structure array, v, having fields Name, Version, Release, and Date.


To use ver with your own product, the first two lines of the Contents.m file for the product must be of the form

Do not include any spaces in the date and use a two-character day; that is, use 02-Sep-2002 instead of 2-Sep-1997.


Return version information for the Control Systems Toolbox by typing

MATLAB returns

Return version information for the Control System Toolbox in a structure array, v.

See Also

help, hostid, license, version, whatsnew

Also, type help info at the Command Window prompt.

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