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Play recorded sound on a PC-based audio output device.



wavplay(y,Fs) plays the audio signal stored in the vector y on a PC-based audio output device. You specify the audio signal sampling rate with the integer Fs in samples per second. The default value for Fs is 11025 Hz (samples per second). wavplay supports only 1- or 2-channel (mono or stereo) audio signals.

wavplay(...,'mode') specifies how wavplay interacts with the command line, according the string 'mode'. The string 'mode' can be:

The audio signal y can be one of four data types. The number of bits used to quantize and play back each sample depends on the data type.

Table 2-1: Data Types for wavplay
Data Type
Double-precision (default value)
16 bits/sample
16 bits/sample
16-bit signed integer
16 bits/sample
8-bit unsigned integer
8 bits/sample


You can play your signal in stereo if y is a two-column matrix.


The MAT-files gong.mat and chirp.mat both contain an audio signal y, and a sampling frequency Fs. Load and play the gong and the chirp audio signals. Change the names of these signals in between load commands and play them sequentially using the 'sync' option for wavplay.

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