MATLAB Function Reference    
xlabel, ylabel, zlabel

Label the x-, y-, and z-axis



Each axes graphics object can have one label for the x-, y-, and z-axis. The label appears beneath its respective axis in a two-dimensional plot and to the side or beneath the axis in a three-dimensional plot.

xlabel('string') labels the x-axis of the current axes.

xlabel(fname) evaluates the function fname, which must return a string, then displays the string beside the x-axis.

xlabel(...,'PropertName',PropertyValue,...) specifies property name and property value pairs for the text graphics object created by xlabel.

h = xlabel(...), h = ylabel(...), and h = zlabel(...) return the handle to the text object used as the label.

ylabel(...) and zlabel(...) label the y-axis and z-axis, respectively, of the current axes.


Re-issuing an xlabel, ylabel, or zlabel command causes the new label to replace the old label.

For three-dimensional graphics, MATLAB puts the label in the front or side, so that it is never hidden by the plot.

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