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Create an array of all zeros



B = zeros(n) returns an n-by-n matrix of zeros. An error message appears if n is not a scalar.

B = zeros(m,n) or B = zeros([m n]) returns an m-by-n matrix of zeros.

B = zeros(d1,d2,d3...) or B = zeros([d1 d2 d3...]) returns an array of zeros with dimensions d1-by-d2-by-d3-by-... .

B = zeros(size(A)) returns an array the same size as A consisting of all zeros.


The MATLAB language does not have a dimension statement; MATLAB automatically allocates storage for matrices. Nevertheless, for large matrices, MATLAB programs may execute faster if the zeros function is used to set aside storage for a matrix whose elements are to be generated one at a time, or a row or column at a time. For example

See Also

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