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Create compressed version of files in zip format



zip('zipfilename','files') creates a zip file named zipfilename from the file named files. For multiple files, make files a cell array of strings. Paths for zipfilename and files are relative to the current directory. Zip files are often used for archiving or for minimizing file transmission time.

zip('zipfilename','directory') creates a zip file named zipfilename consisting of the specified directory and all files in it. The paths for zipfilename and directory are relative to the current directory.

zip('zipfilename','source','rootdirectory') allows the path specified for source to be relative to 'rootdirectory' rather than to the current directory. Note that source cannot be an absolute path.


Zipping a File

Create a zip file of the file guide.viewlet, which is in the demos directory of MATLAB. It saves the zip file in d:/mymfiles/

Zip the files guide.viewlet and import.viewlet and save the zip file in The source files and zipped file are in the current directory.

Zipping a Directory

Zip the directory D:/mymfiles and its contents to the zip file mymfiles in the directory one level up from the current directory.

Zip the files thesis.doc and defense.ppt, which are located in d:/PhD, to the zip file in the current directory.

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