3-D Visualization    

Volume Visualization Techniques

Overview of Volume Visualization
Volume data visualization with MATLAB, including examples of available techniques.
Volume Visualization Functions
Functions used for volume visualization.
Visualizing Scalar Volume Data
Techniques available for visualizing scalar volume data.
Visualizing MRI Data
Visualize MRI data using 2- and 3-D contour slices, isosurfaces, isocaps, and lighting.
Exploring Volumes with Slice Planes
Using slice planes to scan the interior of scalar volumes.
Connecting Equal Values with Isosurfaces
Using isosurfaces to illustrate scalar fluid-flow data.
Isocaps Add Context to Visualizations
Using isocaps to improve the shape definition of isosurface plots.
Visualizing Vector Volume Data
Techniques for visualizing vector volume data, including scalar techniques, determining starting points for stream plots, and plotting subregions of volumes.
Stream Line Plots of Vector Data
Using stream lines, slice planes, and contours lines in one graph.
Displaying Curl with Stream Ribbons
Example using stream ribbon plots to display the curl of a vector field.
Displaying Divergence with Stream Tubes
Example using stream tube plots to display the divergence of a vector field. Slice planes and contour lines enhance the visualization.
Creating Stream Particle Animations
Example using stream lines and stream particles to create an animation illustrating wind currents.
Vector Field Displayed with Cone Plots
Example using cone plots, isosurfaces, lighting, and camera placement to visualize a vector field.

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