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Creating Surface Plots

Example- Displaying Nonuniform Data on a Surface
Mapping Surface Curvature to Color
Texture Mapping a Surface

Defining the View

Example -- Dollying the Camera
Example -- Moving the Camera Through a Scene
Example -- Moving Toward or Away from the Target
Example -- axis Command Options
Example -- MATLAB Defaults
Example -- Displaying Real Objects

Lighting as a Visualization Tool

Lighting Examples
Illuminating Mathematical Functions
Positioning Lights in Data Space

Multi-Faceted Patches

Multi-Faceted Patches

Defining Patch Objects

Defining a Cube
Specifying Flat Edge and Face Coloring

Volume Visualization Techniques

Visualizing MRI Data
Slicing Fluid Flow Data
Isosurfaces in Fluid Flow Data
Adding Isocaps to an Isosurface
Stream Line Plots of Vector Data
Displaying Curl with Stream Ribbons
Displaying Divergence with Stream Tubes
Creating Stream Particle Animations
Vector Field Displayed with Cone Plots