A Thesis Document Class for Dalhousie University*
Steven Matheson
Clyde Clements


*This file has version number v2.2, last revised 2003/12/12.
Author of original LATEX 2.09 dalthesis.sty file, which itself was a modification of the Stanford University Ph.D. thesis style by Joseph Pallas.
Author of updated LATEX2e dalthesis class. The author wishes to thank Gary Sneddon for his comments, suggestions, testing of dalthesis, reading of the documentation, and the list goes on.

dalthesis is a LATEX2e document class that is intended to meet the requirements for thesis style and format at Dalhousie University. It sets the required margins and interline spacing, and produces the proper title, signature and permission/copyright pages, among other things.

1 Introduction
2 Using dalthesis
 2.1 Front Matter
 2.2 Main Matter
 2.3 Miscellaneous Commands
 2.4 Local Configuration
 2.5 Some Final Comments
3 Example of Use