1 Introduction

A thesis submitted at Dalhousie University must adhere to the regulations set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies [2]. In some cases, a department or other faculty may impose additional regulations. The Faculty of Engineering, for example, outlines its requirements in [1]. The purpose of dalthesis is to aid production of a thesis that satisfies these regulations regarding style and format. As for content of the thesis, that’s your job!

Use of dalthesis requires a basic understanding of the LATEX typesetting system. For the reader unfamiliar with this system, the definitive reference manual is Lamport’s book LATEX: A Document Preparation System [4]. An in-depth discussion of some of the finer points of LATEX, as well as a description of many LATEX packages, can be found in the book The LATEX Companion by Goossens, Mittelbach and Samarin [3]. And for the financially-challenged reader1 , there is the freely available document The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX2e by Oetiker [5].

Section  2 describes commands that control the typesetting of your thesis. An example of how to use dalthesis is given in Section  3.