3 Example of Use

This example is only intended to give you a quick overview of how to use dalthesis. The example provided shows the 12pt type-size being used. This is required for submission copy, but 10pt or 11pt may be used to get smaller draft print. Note, however, that the front material may not look good in smaller print. If no value is given, 12pt is assumed.

    \title{How to Write Theses\\  
           With Two Line Titles}  
    \author{John Henry Candidate}  
    \submitdate{April 6, 1999}  
    \supervisor{John Parker}  
    \reader{John Green}  
    \reader{John Smith}  
    \dedicate{This is the optional\\  
              dedication page.\\  
              Break lines up\\  
              like this.}  
        An abstract is required in all theses.  
        Make sure that it fits on one page!  
        This is the acknowledgements.  
        It is optional.  
    \chapter{A Long Proof}  

A more complete example of how to use dalthesis can be downloaded from the web at http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~clyde/dalthesis/exthesis/.