2.2 Main Matter

The main matter is initiated with the command


Specifically, this command starts the main body of the thesis on arabic page 1. Standard LATEX sectioning commands can be used thereafter; for example:

\chapter{Chapter title}
Produces a numbered chapter section.
\section{Section title}
Produces a numbered section of a given chapter.
\subsection{Subsection title}
Produces a numbered subsection of a given section.
Place this command before your first appendix chapter. Use the \chapter command thereafter. Appendix sections are numbered “A”, “B”, etc.

The dalthesis class also provides the following command.

Produces a chapter section that is not numbered, which may be appropriate for an introductory chapter. This is used in the same way as the \chapter command.

Standard LATEX provides \chapter*, which is similar to \nonumchapter in that it produces an unnumbered chapter section. However, \nonumchapter produces an entry in the table of contents; \chapter* does not.