2.5 Some Final Comments

With regard to interline spacing the thesis regulations allow some leeway: text should be “one-and-one-half spaced or double-spaced” [2]. The dalthesis class uses interline spacing that is 1.37 times normal (except in the figure and table environments where normal spacing is required). This spacing can be changed with the following command2 :


or whatever you want instead of 1.5. Note that for a 12 pt font size, one-and-one-half spacing is approximately 1.241 times normal, while double-spacing is approximately 1.655 times normal. But before you change the interline spacing consider this: 1.37 has been the default line-stretch in dalthesis for over 10 years!

While care has been taken to ensure that regulations have been met, the final authority on this matter is the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

It is strongly recommended that all theses be brought to the Graduate Studies Office to be checked before copies are made so that if corrections are necessary, only one copy of the thesis will have to be changed. Also, close to the thesis deadline dates (April, September, and December), it is suggested that an appointment for checking thesis be made and a 48 hour turnaround time be allowed for checking.

Regulations for Submission of Theses
Faculty of Graduate Studies

On that note, should anyone encounter a problem with dalthesis, please notify clyde@mathstat.dal.ca. One final comment. The signature page produced by dalthesis for a Ph.D. thesis is an example only. The actual page will be provided by Grad Studies at the time of your defence. Therefore, for Ph.D. students only, you might as well include the \nosignaturepage command in your LATEX file.