6 Changing the Type Style

The type style can be changed by using one of the following commands.

Upright shape                \textup{Upright    shape}
                             {\upshape   Upright  shape}
Italic shape                   \textit{Italic   shape}

                             {\itshape   Italic  shape}
Slanted shape                \textsl{Slanted    shape}
                             {\slshape   Slanted  shape}

SMALL  CAPS  SHAPE           \textsc{Small   caps  shape}
                             {\scshape   Small  caps  shape}

Medium  series               \textmd{Medium   series}
                             {\mdseries   Medium  series}
Boldface  series             \textbf{Boldface    series}

                             {\bfseries   Boldface  series}

Roman  family                \textrm{Roman   family}

                             {\rmfamily   Roman  family}
Sans serif family             \textsf{Sans   serif  family}
                             {\sffamily   Sans  serif  family}

Typewriter   family          \texttt{Typewriter    family}
                             {\ttfamily   Typewriter   family}

The above commands can be combined in the logical way.


  A mathematician is a
  machine for converting


A  mathematician  is a machine for converting coffee into THEOREMS.

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