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LaTeX is a software system for typesetting documents, especially those containing lots of mathematics.

The following page contains links to LaTeX resources. I will be adding more in the coming weeks; stay tuned!

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LaTeX Packages

Packages extend LaTeX by providing additional features or structures. The following is a list of some packages that I find quite useful.

“The amsmath package is a LaTeX package that provides miscellaneous enhancements for improving the information structure and printed output of documents that contain mathematical formulas.” Produced by the American Mathematical Society, this package contains a number of useful features:

Whenever I have a document containing mathematics, I always use this package!
Documentation (40 pages): Gzipped PostScript PDF

The graphicx package provides commands for importing graphics prepared by other computer programs into LaTeX documents, and allows for geometric transformations, such as scaling and rotation. Documentation (16 pages): Gzipped PostScript PDF
(This document also serves as the user manual for the color and graphics packages.)
“The natbib package is a reimplementation of the LaTeX \cite command, to work with both author-year and numerical citations.” This package allows you to “produce numerical citations even with an author-year bibliographic style, something that permits easy switching between the two citation modes.”
Documentation (21 pages): Gzipped PostScript PDF
Reference sheet (5 pages): Gzipped PostScript PDF

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