The program BACOL is compared with other software in a paper to appear in the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, available in pdf form or postscript form.

A description of the remeshing strategy and the spatial error estimation is given in a paper to appear in Applied Numerical Mathematics. This paper is available in pdf form or postscript form.

To retrieve the full source for BACOL:

Retrieve bacol.f.

bacol.f contains the full source for BACOL plus dependencies.

To retrieve bacol without the BLAS routines,

Retrieve bacolnoblas.f.

bacolnoblas.f now contains the source for BACOL itself.

The auxiliary routines are in blassub.f.

Retrieve the two sample driving programmes

burger.f, burger's equation, and

system.f, a system of 4 PDEs.

Create an executable "sample" by

f77 -o sample burger.f bacol/BACOL

The output is:

      THE INPUT IS  
      KCOL =  2, NINT =  10, ATOL(1) =0.10E-03, RTOL(1) =0.10E-03
      EPS =0.10E-02   TOUT =0.10E+01
      IDID =    3
      KCOL =  2, NINT =  15
               XOUT              UOUT             EXACTU
            0.000000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.100000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.200000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.300000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.400000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.500000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.600000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.700000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.800000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.900000E-01      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.100000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.110000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.120000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.130000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.140000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.150000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.160000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.170000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.180000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.190000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.200000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.210000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.220000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.230000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.240000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.250000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.260000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.270000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.280000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.290000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.300000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.310000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.320000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.330000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.340000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.350000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.360000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.370000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.380000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.390000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.400000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.410000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.420000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.430000E+00      0.100001E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.440000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.450000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.460000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.470000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.480000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.490000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.500000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.510000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.520000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.530000E+00      0.999999E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.540000E+00      0.999999E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.550000E+00      0.999998E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.560000E+00      0.999997E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.570000E+00      0.999996E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.580000E+00      0.999995E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.590000E+00      0.999994E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.600000E+00      0.999993E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.610000E+00      0.999992E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.620000E+00      0.999991E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.630000E+00      0.999990E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.640000E+00      0.999991E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.650000E+00      0.999994E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.660000E+00      0.999997E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.670000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.680000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.690000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.700000E+00      0.999998E+00      0.100000E+01
            0.710000E+00      0.100000E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.720000E+00      0.100002E+01      0.100000E+01
            0.730000E+00      0.100008E+01      0.999955E+00
            0.740000E+00      0.993388E+00      0.993307E+00
            0.750000E+00      0.499617E+00      0.500000E+00
            0.760000E+00      0.736536E-02      0.669285E-02
            0.770000E+00      0.412855E-04      0.453979E-04
            0.780000E+00     -0.470829E-05      0.305902E-06
            0.790000E+00      0.739428E-04      0.206115E-08
            0.800000E+00      0.774289E-04      0.138879E-10
            0.810000E+00      0.412087E-04      0.935918E-13
            0.820000E+00      0.740997E-06      0.610623E-15
            0.830000E+00     -0.915188E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.840000E+00     -0.135873E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.850000E+00      0.435757E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.860000E+00      0.823103E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.870000E+00      0.104956E-04      0.000000E+00
            0.880000E+00      0.113854E-04      0.000000E+00
            0.890000E+00      0.111343E-04      0.000000E+00
            0.900000E+00      0.997642E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.910000E+00      0.814564E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.920000E+00      0.587601E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.930000E+00      0.340152E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.940000E+00      0.956174E-06      0.000000E+00
            0.950000E+00     -0.122603E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.960000E+00     -0.291109E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.970000E+00     -0.386502E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.980000E+00     -0.385381E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.990000E+00     -0.264347E-05      0.000000E+00
            0.100000E+01      0.875272E-17      0.000000E+00