Iā€™m currently an AARMS postdoc in the mathematics department at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I received my PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 2010, under the direction of Steve Awodey.

My research interests lie mainly in category theory and logic, including higher category theory, topos theory, and dependent type theory, and constructive mathematics. More.

Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine ā€” ASL Colloquium, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009.  Photo: Andrej Bauer.

I am currently (as of Fall 2011) teaching Math 1115, Mathematics for Commerce.
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Contact details

Office: Chase Building 252 ā€” map.
(On a funny half-floor; use the small side stairs.)

Email: [reCAPTCHA-protected; reveal]