Video links and E-resources in Mathematics

April 23, 2020

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This site is under construction. Please contact di- rectly for suggestions/additional websites

Perhaps the main resources are:

Math Seminars Online

NSF online

The AMS also has a YouTube channel with videos

Also see SIAM Financial Math. and Eng. Activity Group

The London Mathematical Society also has a You Tube channel (where popular lectures are posted)

Online mathematics seminars

There are websites that list seminars, many of which are live seminars. In addition to:

see, for example, Terrence Tao's website and this link .

These include:

  • Princeton regular seminars
  • MIT (Applied) Categories Seminar
  • One World Probability Seminar
  • Electronic Computational Homotopy Theory Seminar
  • Homotopy Type Theory Electronic Seminar Talks
  • MIT Regularly Scheduled Seminars and Colloquia
  • Maryland 2020 Virtual Lecture Series in Dynamics
  • Seminario flotante de Logica Matematica de Bogota
  • One World PDE Seminar
  • Universite de Geneve Seminaire de Groupes et Geometrie
  • Aram Dermenjian collects online seminars of algebraic combinatory/discrete math, see Algebraic
  • Combinatorics Online Seminars
  • Online Asymptotic Geometric Analysis Seminar
  • Banach spaces webinars
  • Number Theory / Representation Theory Seminar, University of Wiscon- sin - Madison
  • Virtual seminar on algebraic matroids and rigidity theory
  • Online Probability Seminars (Spring 2020)
  • Oxford Discrete Mathematics and Probability Seminar
  • Max-Planck Nonlinear Algebra Seminar Online
  • University of Minnesota Combinatorics Seminar, Spring 2020
  • UW Combinatorics and Geometry Seminar
  • Complex Geometry Seminar
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy INS (Institute of Natural Science) Collo- quia
  • TCS+
  • Harvard regular seminar

    Fields, CRM and Perimeter Institutes

    The current list of current seminars for the academic year for Fields can be found here.

    Many past Fields activities were live streamed and then had video posted after the fact, so they are accessible from the Fields website; any that were recorded will display a link to a Fields Live video. Some online seminars include:

  • Toric Topology Research Seminar
  • GANITA Seminar
  • COVID-19 Math Modelling Seminar

    For example, there was a February workshop on COVID-19 done via zoom, whose webpage
    is here.

    Videos of CRM conferences/Videos of CRM talks.

    Most recent talk.

    CRM are currently in the process of listing online events; for updates see CRM homepage and this link.

    PIRSA links

    Seminar listing for available links to attend upcoming seminars



  • Algebraic combinatorics
  • Online mathematics seminars
  • Online mathematics seminars
  • Online worldwide seminar on logic and semantics
  • Applied category theory seminar
  • Quantum information seminar

    Fun on You Tube

    There is lots of neat stuff on You Tube, in addition to the You Tube channels:

  • https: //
  • Cvp7jsbXjx2k8sGEkdtWCA

    For example, there are wonderful videos of the Mandelbrot set: e.g.,

  • (without music!)

    There are descriptions of spinors:


    and fun demonstrations using various gadgets. And some silly stuff:

    Top 10 songs in mathematics and mathematical physics

  • Eric Idle (Monty Python). Galaxy Song
  • The Bare Naked Ladies. The Big Bang (at 3.16)
  • Kate Bush. Pi (at 1.50)
  • Jack Black. Math Song
  • Jarvis Cocker. Quantum Theory (at 0.50) [
  • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Higgs Boson Blues
  • They Might Be Giants. Why Does the Sun Shine?
  • MC Hawking. E = mc 2
  • One Direction. Maths Song
  • Bjork. Mutual Core

    All of these songs are available on You Tube. Links available in Alan A Coley, Open problems in mathematical physics, Physica Scripta Vol. 92, No. 9 [arXiv:1710.02105]

    Also: Top 10 movies. Also see: Best Movies For Mathematicians.

  • Ramanujan (2014). Director: Gnana Rajasekaran.
  • Einstein and Eddington (2008). Director: Philip Martin.
  • Infinity (1996). Director: Matthew Broderick.
  • The Theory of Everything (2014). Director: James Marsh
  • A Beautiful Mind (2001). Director: Ron Howard.
  • Proof (2005). Director: John Madden.
  • Good Will Hunting (1997). Director: Gus Van Sant.
  • Pi (1998). Director: Darren Aronofsky.
  • The Imitation Game (2014). Director: Morten Tyldum.
  • Fermat's Room (2007). Directors: Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopena