SLR 511F: 10 MATHEMATICAL IDEAS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW and their everyday applications in the real world

John Clements.

SESSION # 4, Mon. Oct. 3/11.

SESSION #4 will begin with a Review of the Numbers topic including a very brief look at the History of Numbers, take a look at Diana Pugdley's interesting application of mathematics to rowing (a boat) and have a look at TOPIC #7 The Concept of PROOF.

The Concept of PROOF is not only the foundation of mathematics but it is how we convince ourselves that something is true in everyday decision making, e.g. making predictions, understanding legal arguments, making medical diagnoses,etc.

TOPIC # 7: The concept of PROOF

Given a mathematical statement (Theorem, etc.), there are 4 types of MATHEMATICS PROOFS to establish its validity or its falseness: