Dalhousie Mathematics Colloquium Schedule

Winter 2019, Dalhousie University

The colloquium takes place on Mondays 3:30-4:30 or Thursdays 2:30-3:30 in Chase Building, Room 319.


M Jan 14 Dominique Unruh (University of Tartu) Theorem proving with Isabelle/HOL
M Feb 25 Reza Farivar (McGill University)The shape of neural information: representational spaces, transformations, and a conceptual language
Th Mar 7 Jenna Rajchgot (University of Saskatchewan) Schubert varieties and quiver representation varieties
Th Mar 14 Mayada Shahada (Dalhousie University) On polynomials that are not quite an identity on an associative algebra
Th Mar 21
Suresh Eswarathasan (Cardiff University) High-energy behavior of eigenfunctions on Riemannian surfaces
M Mar 25 Vignon Oussa (Bridgewater State University) A new discretization scheme for the construction of frames and wavelets
W Mar 27
Mahya Ghandehari (University of Delaware) Fourier analysis on non-Abelian topological groups
Th Mar 28 Susan Morey (Texas State University) Depths and initially regular sequences for ideals in polynomial rings
F Mar 29
Nguyen Lam (UBC) Best constants and optimizers for Sobolev type inequalities
M Apr 1 Andrew Obus (CUNY)Dynamical systems, periodic points, and dynatomic curves
M Apr 8 Uwe Nagel (University of Kentucky) Unexpected curves and line arrangements
Th Apr 11David Gosset (University of Waterloo) Quantum advantage with shallow and noisy circuits
M Apr 22 Pieter Hofstra (University of Ottawa) Toposes as generalized group(oid)s

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Winter 2018 colloquium schedule