Master's Students

  • Ben Hersey (2015)
    Thesis Title: Resolutions of monomial ideals via quasi-trees

  • Svenja Huntemann (2013) Co-supervisor: Richard Nowakowski
    Thesis Title: Simplicial complexes of placement games

  • Andrew Hoefel (2006)
    Thesis Title: A survey of monomial resolutions

    Doctoral Students

  • Svenja Huntemann (expected PhD 2018) Co-supervisor: Richard Nowakowski

  • Maryam Ehya Jahromi (expected PhD 2017)

  • Nursel Erey (2015)
    Thesis Title: On the combinatorics of resolutions of monomial ideals
    Nursel is at North Dakota State University.

  • Ali Alilooee (2015)
    Thesis Title: Algebraic properties of monomial ideals
    Ali is at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

  • Emma Connon (2013)
    Thesis Title: Generalizing Fröberg's theorem on ideals with linear resolutions
    Emma is at Acadia University.

  • Andrew Hoefel (2011)
    Thesis Title: Hilbert functions in monomial algebras
    Andrew did a postdoc at Queen's University and now works for Google in California.


  • Mayada Shahada (2017--)

  • Kia Dalili (2005--2007)

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