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Andrew H. Hoefel

Ph.D. Candidate

Dalhousie University

I graduated in 2011 and am now at Queen's University as a post-doctoral fellow.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in commutative algebra at Dalhousie University. My supervisor is Sara Faridi. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo and my masters degree at Dalhousie University (cf., my CV).


For a detailed account of my teaching experience, see my teaching statement.
  • Math 2030, Linear Algebra I, Summer 2008.
  • Combinatorics & Commutative Algebra Seminar.


I'm interested in commutative algebra and combinatorics. Specifically, I study free resolutions of monomial ideals, Hilbert functions, and their connections to graphs, posets and simplicial complexes.


  • EdgeIdeals package for Macaulay2. This package brings graphs and hypergraphs into computations in commutative algebra.
  • A package called gfanInterface2 is in the final stages of development. It can be fetched from the svn repository by the command
    svn export svn://svn.macaulay2.com/Macaulay2/development/gfanInterface2.m2
    This package connects Macaulay2 to gfan by Anders Jensen for computations in tropical geometry.
  • I also like to participate in NS Math Circles and the NS Math League.