Math 2030

Matrix Theory/Linear Algebra

Instructor: Andrew Hoefel

Course Outline

This is a seven week course starting May 12th and ending June 27th. Classes are Monday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8:45pm and are held in LSC 216, which is around the corner from the life sciences museum.

The textbook for this course is Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction (2nd edition) by David Poole and I will be following it fairly closely. As an additional reference (or alternative reference as your finances permit), I am providing a digital copy of Linear Algebra by Jim Hefferon. This book is free and open source, but it takes a different approach than Poole. Also, note that the second course in linear algebra, Math 2040, will be using questions taken directly from Poole.




Assignment and test marks have been posted. Please email me or talk to me if they have been added or recorded incorrectly. The last three digits of your banner id are used to identify you. If you perfer not to have your marks posted in this way, email me; I am happy to accommodate.