Math 2120
Differential Equations

Instructor Information

Instructor: David Iron
Office: Chase 322

Course Information

Times and Places

Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 11:25 - 12:55 Dunn 101
Office Hours*: Tues Wed 10:00-11:30 My office
* or by appointment.

Course Content

Text: Notes on DiffY QS by Jiri Lebl
A free version and links to purchase a hard copy may be found here.

In this course, we will consider some basic topics in differential equations. The key topics we will consider include,

Depending on time constraints other topics of interest to the class may be added. There will be homework assignments every one to two weeks. The midterm test will be held on Thurs October 19.

Grading will be as follows:*
Homework/Computer assignments 40 %
Mid-term test 20 %
Final Exam 40 %

* the grading policy may change at some point during the year. Any changes will be announce in class as well as posted on this web page.

On line Course Material

All handouts, homework assignments and solutions will be posted here at appropriate times.
Course Information
Euler's Method on a spreadsheet (Sample Spreadsheet)
Notes on Abel's Identity
Practice Test (Solutions)
Test Solutions
Matrix Inversion Notes
SIR notes (Maple Worksheet)
Practice Exam (Solutions)

Homework Assignments

Homework 1 (Solutions)
Howework 2 (Solutions)
Homework 3 (Solutions)
Homework 4 (Solutions)
Homework 5 (Solutions)
Homework 6 (Solutions)

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