Sudoku Helper - Instructions

Enter a position directly into the Sudoku board, or select one of the example puzzles. When editing the Sudoku board you can use the arrow keys to navigate and the Delete or Backspace keys to erase digits.


Next Hint - Displays the next hint. Hints are cumulative; each hint is based on the information derived from previous hints. If the hint is that a certain square must be a certain digit, a "Do it for me" button will appear that will place the digit in the square. Tip: You can keep pressing Enter to step through hints and fill in solved squares.

Reset Hints - Erases the internal state derived from previous hints. The next hint will be based solely on the digits present on the Sudoku board.

Solve Puzzle - Solves as much of the puzzle as possible and displays the solution. This may take a few seconds depending on the speed of your computer; if an internet explorer warning pops up asking if you want to aboard the script, choose "No".

Reset Board - Restores the board to the last position that you manually edited or to the example puzzle that you selected.

Erase Board - Completely erases the Sudoku board.

Print Board - Prints the Sudoku board, leaving the unsolved squares blank.

Print State - Prints the Sudoku board with the current internal state by listing all possible digits in the unsolved squares. Tip: Click on "Reset Hints" before you print the state if you want the unsolved squares to contain the complete list of digits which do not appear in the same row, column or block.