Personal Information

Keith Taylor Born and raised in Lochaber, a rural community in eastern Nova Scotia, I received a B.Sc. in mathematics from St. Francis Xavier University in 1971 and a Ph.D. through the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Alberta in 1976.

I am indebted to my thesis supervisor A. T. (Tony) Lau for introducing me to Harmonic Analysis. We had a gathering of the mathematical family of Ed Granirer, Lau's supervisor, in Vancouver on the occasion of Professor Granirer's retirement from UBC. Actually, our mathematical ancestors have established pretty good family traditions in analysis.

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Unless we change direction, we will wind up where we are headed.

eiπ + 1 = 0 V - E + F = 2 ∑ 1/n2 = π2/6 gcd(a, n) = 1 ==> a φ(n) ≡ 1 mod(n)