Modelling and Mining of Networked Information Spaces

Project Title: Investigations into the Iterative 2-Cycle Contraction of the Directed Binomial Random Graph D(n,p)
Participants: Alasdair J. Graham, Dr. David Pike
Project Description: The contraction of the edge e = {u,v} of the graph G is the operation which consists of replacing u and v by a single vertex whose incident edges are the edges other than e that were incident to u or v. We apply this process to 2-cycles of the binomial directed random graph D(n,p) and investigate the conditions under which |V(D'(n,p))| = 1, where D'(n,p) is the iterative 2-cycle contraction of D(n,p, that is, the graph resulting from the iterative contraction of the arcs in all 2-cycles of D(n,p).
Related Files: Thesis (Postscript file)