Data Descriptions

  1. Coilin Minto
    Groundfish survey data provide indices of population abundance fraught with measurement error. When using these data to investigate hypothesized interactions, explicit incorporation of the error sources is a must for parameter estimation and subsequent inferences on species interactions.

  2. Francesco Ferretti
    Long term analyses of demersal fish communities in the Adriatic Sea from multiple scientific surveys. Data is historical and recent trawl surveys carried out in the Adriatic Sea (north east Mediterranean). We are trying to combine an heterogeneous pool of data to estimate trends in population abundance over time. Problems are different trawl gears from survey to survey, different boats, survey methodology, different resolution of data from year to year and unbalanced geographical data coverage

  3. Heike Lotze
    Several historical, long-term time series of relative abundance indices, some biomass or abundance data, some size data of marine animals (fish, mammals, birds, invertebrates). We also work with archaeological data series (which would fall under relative abundance estimates) and paleontological data from sediment cores as proxies for relative abundance/concentration of plankton, nutrients, anoxia, and other water quality data.

  4. Joanna Flemming, Julia Baum
    Longline data from the eastern Atlantic for large pelagics from 1992-2005 approximately.