Email List

Marta Coll <martacoll(at)>
Cory Matthews <cory.matthews(at)>
Coilin Minto <mintoc(at)>
Julia Baum <baum(at)>
Dan Ricard <ricardd(at)>
Heike Lotze <hlotze(at)>
Stephen Smith <smithsj(at)>
Eva Cantoni <eva.cantoni(at)>
Alan Welsh <alan.welsh(at)>
Rick Routledge <routledg(at)>
Chris Field <field(at)>
Marie Auger-Methe <maugerme(at)>
Leah Nemiroff <LNemiroff(at)>
Jennifer Kelly <jennifer.e.kelly(at)>
Heidi Maass <MaassH(at)>
Benoit Casault <casaultb(at)>
Elizabete Almeida <ealmeida(at)>
Angelia S.M. Vanderlaan <avanderl(at)>
Huaichun Wang <hcwang(at)>
Steven Campana <CampanaS(at)>
Bob Farmer <farmerb(at)>
Leah Sauchyn <LH276197(at)>
Sean Anderson <sean(at)>
Amanda Halladay <ahalladay(at)>
Laurie Ainsworth <lmainswo(at)>
C.T. Taggart <chris.taggart(at)>
Ruth Joy <>
Hong Gu <hgu(at)>
Mike Dowd <mdowd(at)>
Michele Millar <michele(at)>
Francesco Ferretti <ferretti(at)>
Jenn Kelly <jennifer.kelly(at)>
Wade Blanchard <wade(at)>
Catalina Gomez <catalina(at)>

Addresses listed above have had the @ symbol replaced with (at). For any corrections, additions, or removals, please contact jfalkenb(at)