Wednesday, October 12, 1983
Bob Paré, Indexed categories and descent

Wednesday, October 19, 1983
Bob Paré, Indexed topoi I

Wednesday, October 26, 1983
Bob Paré, Indexed topoi II

Wednesday, November 2, 1983
Dietmar Schumacher, Logical operations on indexed categories

Thursday, November 10, 1983
Richard Wood, Disjoint and universal synthetic sums

Friday, January 20, 1984
Bob Paré, Coherence for indexed categories

Friday, February 10, 1984
Richard Wood, Fundamentals of bicategories

Friday, March 2, 1984
Mike Rains, Lie algebras

Friday, March 16, 1984
Heydar Radjavi, Triangulation of semi groups of operators

Tuesday, May 15, 1984
Richard Wood, Prononsense

Tuesday, May 29, 1984
Bob Paré, Background to work with Dietmar on cardinal numbers

Tuesday, June 12, 1984
Richard Wood, Formal tripleability theorem, etc. (additive category theory, matrix arithmetic)