Wednesday, September 18, 1985
Ron Gentle, Short Exact Sequences

Wednesday, September 25, 1985
Ron Gentle, More Short Exact Sequences

Wednesday, October 2, 1985
Stefano Kasangian, The Bicategory of Modules

Wednesday, October 9, 1985
Barry Fawcett, A Categorical Equivalent of the Four Colour Theorem

Wednesday, October 16, 1985
Richard Wood, Combinatorics and Categories

Wednesday, October 23, 1985
Pat Stewart, A Ring Theory Double Feature

Thursday, October 31, 1985
Edward Goodaire, Some Loops are Groups

Wednesday, November 6, 1985
Mike Wendt, Total Categories

Tuesday, November 12, 1985
K.K. Tan, Covering Theorems of Simplexes and Systems of Linear Inequalities

Wednesday, November 20, 1985
Wendy MacCaull, Applications of Intuitionistic Logic to Regular Rings

Wednesday, November 27, 1985
Wendy MacCaull, Positive Definite Functions over Regular f-rings and Representations as Sums of Squares

Wednesday, January 8, 1986
John Phillips, Group Actions and Coactions

Friday, January 17, 1986
J. Williams, Some Applications of Homotopy Theory to Problems in Mathematical Physics

Wednesday, January 22, 1986
David Lever, Stability in Indexed Categories

Wednesday, January 29, 1986
Bob Rosebrugh, Automata and Enriched Categories I

Wednesday, February 12, 1986
Ron Gentle, Localization and Colocalization in Abelian Categories

Wednesday, February 19, 1986
Margaret Beattie, Finiteness Conditions for Gabriel Topologies

Wednesday, March 5, 1986
Bob Rosebrugh, Automata and Enriched Categories II

Wednesday, March 12, 1986
Max Kelly, The Closure of a Family of Colimits

Wednesday, March 19, 1986
Ron Gentle, Torsion Theories

Wednesday, March 26, 1986
Ron Gentle, The Archimedian Solids

Monday, April 7, 1986
I. Hughes, Polynomial Invariance for Finite Characteristic