Mathematics 1115A


Announcements: On the two tests and the final examination, only `single line display' calculators are allowed. Thus graphing calculators, calulators with text memory, electronic translations devices, headsets, cellphones, PDAs, and any method of connecting to the internet are not allowed, under any circumstances.
Section 1 Rj Wood MWF 1:35-2:25   LSC C236
Text: Introductory Mathematical Analysis
for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences (Eleventh Edition),
by E.F. Haeussler, Jr. and R.S. Paul, and RJ Wood;
published by Prentice Hall.
Syllabus: Chapters 5 through 13 and 17 of the text, with many deletions that will be pointed out in class and on the websiste, effectively define the course.  Some students may find earlier chapters in the text, such as Chapter 4 necessary for review work.
Evaluation: Grades will be based on marks between 0 and 100,
which will be computed as follows:
Test 1 (25%)
Monday, October 17 7:00pm - 8:00pm in Rowe 1028
Test 2 (25%) 
Wednesday, November 16 7:00pm -- 8:00pm in Dunn 117
Examination (50%)
3 hours, scheduled by the Registrar's Office in the interval [DE 7,DE17].
1. Be sure to plan your term to include the dates and times of the tests and the examination. University examinations begin on December 7 and end on December 17. Conflicts with travel arrangements, jobs, etcetera cannot be accommodated. In particular:
Do not book airline tickets for the above-mentioned examination period until you know your examination schedule.
2. The only electronic devices allowed for the tests and the examination are `single line display' calculators.
3. Marks will be converted to letter grades as follows: 
[90,100] A+, [85,90) A, [80,85) A-, 
[75,80) B+, [70,75) B, [65,70) B-, 
[60,65) C+, [55,60) C, [50,55) C-, 
[45,50) D, [0,45) F. 
The Mathematics
Learning Centre:
The centre is located in Room 009 in the basement of the Chase Building. Help is available there from tutors and it also offers a wide variety of resource materials. Usually it is open from at least 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, with some early evening hours too. Check it soon for this term's schedule.