Math 3343, Applied Algebra
Fall 2003
Peter Selinger

Course Information

See the Course Information Sheet.


Course Marks (Dec 17). Unofficial course marks have now been posted. [marks] The column "weighted" has been calculated as follows: (20% homework, 30% midterm, 50% final) or (100% final), whichever was higher. Also, I have dropped each person's lowest homework.

Viewing Final Exams. If you would like to see your final exam, come to my office Thursday, December 18, at 2pm. Or else, in the new year by appointment.

Answers to Final Exam (Dec 16). The answers to the final exam are now available, see "Handouts" below.

Last homework available for pickup (Dec 8). Homework 6 has been marked and is available for pickup in the folder on my office door. [marks]

Old Announcements

Topics covered

See here a running list of topics covered in class.


Problem Set 1. (Due Tuesday, Sept. 16.) Handout 2, Problems 1-4; Section 1.2, Problems 7, 16.
Answers: [dvi, ps, pdf]
Marks: [marks]

Problem Set 2. (Due Tuesday, Sept. 30.) 1.2 #17-19,24,25; 1.3 #19,27; 3.1 #4,10,18.
Answers: [dvi, ps, pdf]
Marks: [marks]

Problem Set 3. (Due Friday, Oct. 10.) [dvi, ps, pdf]
Answers: [dvi, ps, pdf]
Marks: [marks]

Problem Set 4. (Due Tuesday, Nov. 4) [dvi, ps, pdf]
Answers: [dvi, ps, pdf]
Marks: [marks]

Problem Set 5. (Due Nov 21) [dvi, ps, pdf]
Answers: [dvi, ps, pdf]
Marks: [marks]

Problem Set 6. (Due Nov 28) [dvi, ps, pdf]
Answers: [dvi, ps, pdf]
Marks: [marks]


Handout 1 (Sept. 5): What is a proof? [dvi, ps, pdf]

Handout 2 (Sept. 9): Ideals of integers [dvi, ps, pdf]

Handout 3 (Sept. 30, corrected Oct. 3): The RSA Cryptosystem [dvi, ps, pdf]

Handout 4 (Sept. 30): The Miller-Rabin Primality Test [dvi, ps, pdf]

Answers to the Midterm (posted Nov. 7) [dvi, ps, pdf]

Handout 5 (Nov. 18): The representation of GF(16) [dvi, ps, pdf]

Last year's final exam (Nov. 25): [ps, pdf]

Answers to the Final Exam (posted Dec. 16) [dvi, ps, pdf]

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