Math 5361, Topics in Quantum Computation
Winter 2004
Peter Selinger

Course Information

See the updated Course Information Sheet.


Office Hours (posted Jan 6). My current office hours are Tuesdays 1-2, or by appointment.

Changed time and location (Jan 6). By common agreement, the Thursday time, as well as the Tuesday and Thursday location, have changed. We now meet Tuesday and Thursday 10-11:30 in KED B4.

Welcome to the course (Jan 6). This web page will contain updated information, such as homework assignments, reading material, etc.


  • Homework 1 (Feb 5). [ps, pdf].
  • Homework 2 (Mar 9). [ps, pdf]


  • Answers to Homework 1 (May 18). [ps, pdf]


  • Lecture Notes 1 (Mar 11): A Hahn-Banach style theorem for normed cones. [ps, pdf]

Further Reading Material

  • John Preskill, Quantum Computation, lecture notes from Caltech, available online at http://www.theory.caltech.edu/people/preskill/ph229/.
  • M.A. Nielsen and I.L. Chuang, Quantum computation and quantum information, Cambridge University Press 2000. I have placed this book on reserve in the library.
  • Richard Cleve, An introduction to quantum complexity theory, in Collected Papers on Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory, C. Macchiavello, G.M. Palma, and A. Zeilinger (Eds.) (World Scientific), pages 103-127 (2000), available online at http://pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~cleve/papers.html.
  • Peter Selinger, Towards a Quantum Programming Language, To appear in Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 56 pages. Available online at http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~selinger/papers.html#qpl.

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