Math 4135/5135, Introduction to Category Theory
Fall 2005
Peter Selinger

Time and Location: TTh 1:05-2:25, Chase 227.

Course Description: Categories, functors, natural transformations and adjointness are introduced with emphasis on examples drawn from undergraduate Mathematics and theoretical Computer Science. The calculus of diagram chasing, limits, colimits and Kan extensions is explored in detail.

Instructor: Peter Selinger. Office: Chase 303. Phone: 494-3311. Email: selinger@mathstat.dal.ca (please put "4135" or "5135" in subject line).

Prerequisites: MATH 3030 or permission from the instructor.

Textbook: S. Mac Lane: Categories for the Working Mathematician, Second Edition, Springer, 1998.

Course Work: I will assign homework in class. There will also be one mid-term and a final exam. Students who are taking MATH 5135 will be expected to do additional homework problems and to give a 20-30 minute in-class presentation on a topic chosen in consultation with me. For students taking MATH 4135, this additional work is optional. Grades will be calculated as follows: homework 0-15%, midterm 10-30%, final exam 40-80%, presentation 0-30%. Within these constraints, and provided they add up to 100%, you may pick your own percentages.

Course Homepage: http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~selinger/4135/.

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