Fields Institute Summer School
Logic and Foundations of Computation
University of Ottawa, June 2-20, 2003

Culminating in LICS'03, June 21-27, 2003

June will be theoretical computer science month at U. Ottawa! The Fields Institute will sponsor a summer school in Logic and Foundations of Computation at the University of Ottawa this summer, June 2-20, 2003. This program will be hosted by the logic group in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa (consisting of Philip Scott, Richard Blute, and Peter Selinger).

The program will consist of 2 weeks of courses, then a week of workshops in several areas of theoretical computer science. The courses are particularly aimed at graduate students in mathematics, logic, theoretical computer science, mathematical linguistics and related areas. The program culminates in the 18th annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS2003) meeting at U. Ottawa June 21-27.


For a detailed schedule, see Schedule.

Weeks 1,2: Each week will consist of two courses (one in the morning, the other in the afternoon), taught by experts in the area. We are also expecting visiting experts, who may give informal seminars as well. We are planning topics that include:

  • Week 1 (June 2-6): (a) Categorical Logic and type theory and (b) Linear Logic. Fauteux 361. [Schedule]

    • Categorical Logic and type theory (9am-12:30pm):
      • Phil Scott (Ottawa):
        "Introduction to Categorical Logic and Type Theory"
      • Peter Selinger (Ottawa):
        "Categorical Logic and Classical Logic"
    • Linear Logic (2pm-5:30pm):
      • Rick Blute (Ottawa):
        "Introduction to Linear Logic"
      • Thomas Ehrhard (Marseille):
        "Models of Linear Logic"

    Additional lectures may be given by visiting scholars. Among the visitors we are pleased to have Robert Seely (McGill), and Robin Cockett (Calgary).

  • Week 2 (June 9-13): (a) Game Semantics and (b) Concurrency. Fauteux 361 [Schedule].

    • Game Semantics (9am-12:30pm):
      • Samson Abramsky (Oxford):
        "Game Semantics for Programming Languages (Part I)"
      • Guy McCusker (Sussex):
        "Game Semantics for Programming Languages (Part II)"
    • Concurrency (2pm-5:30pm):
      • Glynn Winskel (Cambridge):
        "Concurrency Theory" [Web materials]

    We hope to have other distinguished visitors who will give additional lectures.

  • Week 3 (June 15-20): Fields Institute Workshops.

Course Materials

This section is incomplete and more materials will be added soon.


Online registration is now disabled as the summer school is about to begin. Please register locally in Ottawa.

The registration fees for the summer school are as shown in the following table. The prices for researchers with grants are shown in column A; researchers without grants and students pay 50%.

A: researchers with grants
B: researchers without grants and students

Basic Registration FeesAB
Week 1 (courses)$150/week$75/week
Week 2 (courses)$150/week$75/week
Week 3: 2-day workshop$100/each$50/each
Week 3: 1-day workshop$75/each$37.50/each
Discounted PriceAB
Weeks 1+2 combination$250$125
Week 3 all workshops$200$100

Note: students who have been granted an admission scholarship and whose registration fee has been waived still need to register. Please use the online form and select "sponsored student" as the status on the form. All others, please select the appropriate category.

Accommodations, Maps, Directions

Information on hotels, how to get here, computer access, etc, is available at our Local Information webpage.


For further information, please contact the local organizers at

Philip Scott
Richard Blute
Peter Selinger


Local organizers:
Philip Scott
Richard Blute
Peter Selinger

Conference Email:

Local Information:
Local Information

Week 1+2 Participants

June 15-16: Quantum
June 17: Games
June 18-19: Linguistics
June 19-20: Concurrency

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May 30-June 1: FMCS'03
June 21-27: LICS'03


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