The following is a list of typos in the paper

 P. Selinger and B. Valiron. "A linear-non-linear model for a
 computational call-by-value lambda calculus (extended abstract)".
 Proceedings of FOSSACS 2008, LNCS 4962, pages 81-96.

Note: these typos are only present in the published conference
proceedings; the version on our websites has already been corrected.

 * Page 85, Table 1 (Typing rules), top line, middle:

          "A_c <: B" ----> "!A_c <: B"

 * Page 87, line 3 of Section 3 (Linear Category for Duplication):

         "since one has tensor product"

         ---> "since one has tensor products"

 * Page 88, Table 4 (Equations for a linear exponential comonad),
   bottom line:

         "us a comonoid morphism"  -----> "is a comonoid morphism"

 * Section 3.2 (Strong Monads and T-Exponentials), Page 88, Lemma 7:

    + line 1: "is a strong monad on a symmetric..."

              ---> "is a commutative strong monad on a symmetric..."

    + line 2: "are monoidal monad."

              ---> "are monoidal monads."

 * Section 3.4 (Linear Category for Duplication), Page 89,
   Definition 7, 3rd item:

         "a strong monad (T, \mu, \eta)"

         ----> "a strong monad (T, \mu, \eta, t)"

 * Section 4.1 (Interpretation of the language), Page 93, first
   line of the proof of Lemma 12:

         "using Lemma 7, the bifunctoriality of..."

         ----> "using the bifunctoriality of..."