Hex templates

This is my collection of Hex templates. Most of these are missing from David King's list of Hex templates.

2nd row

4th row

Black can connect all three stones simultaneously.

5th row

Black can connect both stones simultaneously.

6th row

Note: if White plays "*", Black's unique winning response is "*", which is non-obvious.
Note: If "•" is missing from the carrier, White's only winning moves are "*".
Black can connect both A and B.

7th row

8th row

9th row

Ladder creation templates

Black gets a 2nd row ladder going left or right (White's choice). Also, Black gets a 3rd row ladder in the opposite direction.
Both ladders simultaneously.
Creates a 2nd-and-4th row parallel ladder.
4th row ladder with foldback threat.
Black also connects with 2-4 switchback.

Interior templates


Thanks for Eric Demer and Mason Mackaman for suggesting templates.