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The Statistics Division is part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The department is housed in the former provincial archives building, now called the Chase Building. The department has exceptional computing facilities, which are used by students in some courses. The Statistical Consulting Service provides advice to researchers in a wide variety of disciplines.


Computing Facilities:

The Statistics Division has recently (2004) been awarded an NSERC equipment grant to upgrade the existing Sun Unix computer system with a high performance computer cluster.

The Statistics Division also houses and maintains a 10-node high-performance computer cluster obtained with funding provided by the Genome Atlantic Centre of Genome Canada.  A proposal for a substantial increase in the size of this cluster has been submitted to Genome Atlantic, and it seems likely that funds will be made available for this upgrade as well.

A well equipped UCIS computer lab is located in the basement of the Chase Building (room 007: 494-1230).  The lab is equipped with 15 computers and with print facilities.  A Dalhousie NetID is required to use the computers in this lab.

Graduate students in the department are assigned office space and desktop computers.


Consulting Services:

The Statistical Consulting Service has been providing professional statistical consultation to researchers and graduate students since 1974.  As always, the mandate of this service is to provide practical solutions to problems in a way that makes efficient use of the data.  We welcome problems both from within Dalhousie University and from the government, business and scientific communities outside Dalhousie.

For additional information about this service, and contact information please follow the link to the Statistical Consulting Service web page.


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