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5.3 Other make options available

make all
default action. Makes all executable files.
make utilities
just makes the utility programs reordermatrix, readmatricesfromcols, summats and stripambiguous. See Utilities, for more information about these utility programs.
make cold
make DNAml
make Utilities/reordermatrix
make Utilities/setup
make Utilities/summats

make clean
deletes all files made by previous makes, leaving just the original distribution files.
make config
updates the ".variables" file.
make dist
collects all the files in the distribution into a zipped file, ready for distribution.
make backup
like make package, but copies the file to a backup directory.
make uninstall
deletes all installed files
make remove
collects all the distribution files into a zipped file, then deletes everything except the zipped file.
make install
copies the executable files into a directory in the search path, where they can be automatically run.