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2.1 Status and Debugging Output

Minimum Debug Level Statement Meaning</td></tr>

0 Started step number n Currently working on nth iteration.
0 Value Log Likelihood for current parameters.
0 Expected Improvement The amount by which the Newton-Raphson method predicts that the next point will be better than the current one (Assuming that the step-size is not changed by other factors). Ignore the sign of this value.
0 Step size The modulus of the difference between the current parameters and the next parameters.
2 Producing n threads for computation The site likelihoods are computed separately. Computing them in different threads can improve speed. However, it increases memory usage, and there are more danger of bugs.
2 Angle between steepest and actual ascent This is a normalised dot product rather than an angle. It gives the dot product between the direction suggested by Newton-Raphson and the direction of steepest descent. Generally, values close to 1 or -1 indicate circular contours, which should lead to good convergence. Values close to 0 indicate elongated contours which can indicate ill-conditioned parameters. Positive values indicate the program is converging towards a maximum; negative values indicate it is moving away from a minimum.
2 Modulus The sum of squares of all current parameter values. This gives an idea of the large-scale movement of the algorithm.