Dimensions (horizontal, vertical): h=, v= Type:
Transform (horizontal, vertical): trans1=, trans2=
tile angle: ratio:
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  • Try these ``interesting'' designs: Hexagons, Stars1, Stars2, Ducks, xmas, 3d, Weaver0, Weawer1, Weawer2, Weawer3, Weawer4, braids, Illusion1, Illusion2, zigzag bow ties, big squares, nested squares,
  • Hint: at any time, click "movie" to cycle through various trans1. You can also use keyboard (n,p,m,s) to navigate.
  • Let me know (tkolokol@gmail.com) if you find some other cool patterns that you'd like to add to the list.
  • Explanation: The top row consists of h rectangles of two types, either 0 or 1 as shown: Specify them in the field "type". If "type" has less than h digits, then it is wrapped around. These rectangles depend on two tunable parameters: ratio (height/width) and angle (the angle of the top triangular cutout) The h rectangles of the top strip are transformed as specified in "trans1". It is a sequence of up to h digits; if less than h digits are specified then the transformations are wrapped around. Each digit is either 0 (original orientation), 1 (180 rotation), 2 (vertical flip) or 3 (horizontal flip).
    After the top row is built, v copies of it are made and stacked below. Each of the v copies is transformed as specified by "trans2" in the same way as "trans1". Turn on the border to see individual triangles.
Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.