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AIM is an online system to grade homework assignments. Each student gets an individualized set of questions. The due date for each assignment is indicated to the right of it. You can submit as many times as you want before 11:59PM on the due date of the assignment. All your answers are saved; do as many questions as you want at a time. For example, you can access your questions, print them out, work out the answers on paper, then come back a day later and input your answers.

AIM will penalize you if you try to random guessing: for each wrong answer, 15% of the question value will be deducted. Please double-check your work before giving an answer! AIM It will tell you if your answer is wrong, but wont provide the solution until after the due date.

How are assignment answers entered?

Answers must be typed in with the syntax used by Maple, which is more or less the same syntax used to enter mathematical formulas in spread sheet programs such as Excel and programming languages such as Java, C, and Basic. The following examples are intended to provide an overview of the proper syntax that will be needed for assignments in this course.
Operation/Symbol  Example  Required Syntax
multiplication 2x 2*x
Exponents 7-1.6 7^(-1.6)
square roots   __
\/ 3
sqrt(3) or 3^(1/2)
Fractions a + b
c + d
pi p pi or Pi
Other greek letters q, e, d theta, epsilon, delta
Exponential function ex e^x or E^x or exp(x) or
Trig functions sin x, cos x, tan x sin(x), cos(x), tan(x)
Inverse trig functions sin-1 x, cos-1 x, tan-1 x arcsin(x), arccos(x), arctan(x)

This should be enough to get you started. More detailed information is available on AIM homepage.