MATH 1500X/Y

Instructor: Theodore Kolokolnikov
Course webpage:
Office: Chase building, 304
Office hours: Tues Thurs at 2:30 or by drop-in, or email for appointment, at Chase 304


Homework sets and handouts: This list is updated throughout the class.



Course outline. A tenative list of topics is given below. It is subject to change.

Relation to other Calculus courses: Math 1500X/Y is a two-semester Calculus course which is an enriched version of Math 1000/1010. This stream is recommended for students who did well in high school Math 12 and would like a more challenging experience. You have the option of transferring to Math 1000 in the first three weeks of the class without any penalty.

Textbook: Adams, Calculus is available at the bookstore or from Amazon. Most recent editions will work, so an older version is fine; numbering may change slightly from one edition to another. A copy has been placed on reserve in the library.

Homework: there will be about one homework every two weeks. The first term due dates are listed above. The lowest homework during each term will be dropped. There will be no makeups of homeworks.

Midterms/finals: There will be two midterms/finales – one in the fall and another in spring.

Evaluation: Your overall grade will be a maximum of:

50% (term 1 grade) + 50% (term 2 grade)
40% (term 1 grade) + 60% (term 2 grade)

where term grade is a maximum of

25% homework, 25% midterm, 50% final
20% homework, 20% midterm, 60% final

Additional information:

·        Students can get help with this course in the Student Resource Center which is located in Room 119 on the first foor of the Chase Building.

·        We will follow the grade conversion scale as specified by the Faculty of Science: [0-50) F, [50-55) D, [55-58) C-, [58-62) C, [62-65) C+, [65,70) B-, [70-75) B, [75-80) B+, [80-85) A-, [85-90) A, [90-100] A+.

·        Intellectual Honesty and Plagiarism: If you cheat, you will get into lots of trouble; it is not worth it. For the details, please read the section on academic honesty in the student calendar.

·        Students with disabilities are encouraged to register as quickly as possible with Student Accessibility Services if they wish to receive academic accommodations. To do so please phone 494-2836, e-mail, go to Mark A. Hill Accessibility Center or visit their website at Students are also reminded that all forms are available on their website.