MATH 1500X/Y

Instructor: Theodore Kolokolnikov
Course webpage:
Office: Chase building, 304
Email: tkolokol at
Office hours: MWF 10:30-11:30.


Course outline. A tenative list of topics is given below. It is subject to change.

Relation to other Calculus courses: Math 1500X/Y is a two-semester Calculus course which is an enriched version of Math 1000/1010. This stream is recommended for students who did well in high school Math 12 and would like a more challenging experience. You have the option of transferring to Math 1000 in the first three weeks of the class without any penalty.

Textbook: Adams, Calculus, 7-th edition is available at the bookstore. A copy has been placed on reserve in the library.


There will be two final exams, four midterms, and graded homeworks (about 2 every 3 weeks).
The final exam grade (F) is taken to be the best of

F = 0.5 F1 + 0.5 F2
F = 0.25 F1 + 0.75 F2

where F1 and F2 are the final exam grades for first and second half, respectively.
The midterm grade M is taken to be the average of the four midterms; similar for the homework grade H.
The overall grade will be taken to be the best of:

0.25 H + 0.25 M + 0.5 F
0.125 H + 0.125 M + 0.75 F