MATH 2002: Intermediate calculus 2, winter 2013.

When/where: MWF 11:35-12:35, LSC C240.
Instructor: Theodore Kolokolnikov, Chase building 304,,; Phone: 494-6295.
Office hours: Tentative hours are MWF 10:00-11:00 or drop by anytime I'm in my office and the door is ajar; You can also email me to set up an appointment.

References: The textbook for this course is Stewart, Multivariable Calculus. The bookstore has 7th edition. Earlier editions will work just fine; however keep in mind that problem numbering may change slightly from one edition to the next. There is also a copy on reserve in the library.

Outline: We will cover most of the material from chapters 15,16,17.


  • quiz1
  • quiz2
  • quiz3
  • quiz4
  • quiz5
  • midterm
  • Review questions sheet 1
  • Review questions sheet 2
  • Homework: Below is a list of suggested problems which will help you prepare for the quizzes, midterm and final. The problems are taken from Multivariable Calculus, Seventh Edition, Stewart. Please note: while the homework is NOT graded; however it is essential to attempt as many of these problems as you feel needed to understand the material. The best way to study for this course is to do the problems first, then read the book or consult me/TA if you get stuck. You may want to do the odd questions first.
    15.6: 1-12
    15.7: 1-22, 27-38
    15.8: 1-12, 15-24, 29, 30
    15.9: 1-30, 39-41
    15.10: 1-10, 15-19, 23-26
    16.1: 1-14, 21-24
    16.2: 1-16, 19-22
    16.3: 3-9, 12-20, 30
    16.4: 1-14, 27
    16.5: 1-8, 13-20
    16.6: 1, 2, 13-18, 19-26, 33-36, 39-50
    16.7: 5-32
    16.8: 1-10, 13-15
    16.9: 1-14, 17, 18
    17.1: 1-13, 17-32
    17.2: 1-10, 13-18, 23-28
    17.4: 1-11

    In addition to regular homework, I will occasionally give "bonus questions" during the class. You are welcome to hand in the bonus questions to me for bonus marks.

    Evaluation: The evaluation will consist of several short in-class quizzes (about once or twice every two or three weeks); an in-class midterm and a final. The grade will be calculated based on the maximum of:
    25% quizzes, 25% midterm, 50% final
    20% quizzes, 20% midterm, 60% final
    The worst quiz will be dropped. There will be no makeups of quizzes.

  • We will follow the grade conversion scale as specified by the Faculty of Science: [0-50) F, [50-55) D, [55-58) C-, [58-62) C, [62-65) C+, [65,70) B-, [70-75) B, [75-80) B+, [80-85) A-, [85-90) A, [90-100] A+.
  • Students can get help with this course in the Student Resource Center which is located in Room 119 on the first foor of the Chase Building.
  • Students with disabilities are encouraged to register as quickly as possible with Student Accessibility Services if they wish to receive academic accommodations. To do so please phone 494-2836, e-mail, go to Mark A. Hill Accessibility Center or visit their website at Students are also reminded that all forms are available on their website.
  • Intellectual Honesty and Plagiarism: If you cheat, you will get into lots of trouble; it is not worth it. For the details, please read the section on academic honesty in the student calendar.