MATH 4250-5250: Asymptotic analysis

When/where: Tues Thurs 11:35-12:55, Chase building 319 (subject to change)
Instructor: Theodore Kolokolnikov, Chase building 304,,; Phone: 494-6295.
Office hours: drop by anytime I'm in my office. In addition, I will try to be there every week TR 10:30-11:15; You can also email me to set up an appointment.

Lecture notes:

Maple worksheets: Homework sets Outline: Mathematical models of many physical systems have a naturally occurring small parameter which may be exploited using asymptotic analysis techniques. In this course, we will study a variety of physical systems which illustrate many of the common approaches used in asymptotic analysis. Topics covered may include

References: The textbook is M.H. Holmes, Introduction to Perturbation Methods. However much of material will come from various other sources. Lecture notes will be posted on this webpage.

Evaluation: The evaluation will consist of bi-weekly homework sets and a take-home final. The homework sets will be posted on this website. Graduate students will also be expected to make a presentation. This presentation is optional for undergraduates; details will be provided later. The grading scheme is 50% HW, 30% final, 20% presentation presentation or 60% HW, 40% final (if not doing a talk).