Mathematical methods

Fall 2013

Instructor: Theodore Kolokolnikov
Office: Chase building, 304
Email: tkolokol at
Office hours:by drop-in or after class at 11:30 Tues,Thurs


Textbook: K.F. Rilely, M.p. Hobson and S.J. Bence, Mathematical methods for physics and engineering is available at the bookstore. A copy has also been placed on reserve in the library. Other sources may occasionally be used; some course notes will be provided.

Course outline. A tenative list of topics is given below. It is subject to change.

Project: Graduate students will be required to do a project on the topic to be agreed upon. Undegraduates can also opt to do it if they so wish.

Evaluation: Without the project: Homework (40%), midterm (20%), take-home final (40%).
With the project: Homework (40%), midterm (20%), take-home final (20%), project (20%).
The worst homework set will be dropped. There will be about 7 homework sets in total.